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Friday, March 17, 2017

Grace World Mission (The Only Missionary's That I Know Who Spend Every Penny On Ministering To Others Without Any foolish waste of funds entrusted to them.)

These people who I know personally really go out into all the world totally dependent upon the leading, guidance and provision of the person of the Holy Spirit.

They are known for powerful miracles, manifestations of Shekinah glory and salvation of souls all around the globe.

Unlike some missionary's they run a very lean operation that shows stewardship and loyalty to the resources entrusted to them.

They have been called by the Lord to go and spread the Gospel message to others.

I know because I was present when Lonnie Frisbee gave them his blessings to be missionary's.

By only following the leading and guidance of the Lord they have experienced some mind blowing Divine appointments.

On this linked page, look for the light blue "older post" button all the way near the bottom of the page to see more exciting uplifting true life stories of their adventures in the Holy Spirit around the world.

They could put together a fat book of all of the wonderful adventures in Christ that they have experienced because there are so many of them.

I love reading about them and rejoicing with them over the many souls being saved as a result of the efforts and perseverance of these humble faithful servants of Christ!

If you want to share in the blessing you can bless these missionary's who value your commitment to their work and serve you faithfully 

They have a passion and willingness to go out to all the world and spread the Good news on our behalf.

Making sure that every effort is made to be great stewards of the resources we bless them with!

They have not built a "parsonage" in a rich neighborhood behind guarded gates.

They don't drive brand new mechanically sound vehicles.

They do not travel first class.

They take their job in Christ Jesus very seriously and have made a commitment to derive as much value from every penny we bless them with for their ministry to others.

I know of no other ministry that has no layers of wasted funding on self enrichment that we HAVE seen in some other missionary organizations. 

Please help spread the Gospel message around the world by supporting these very effective missionary's who value and respect your resources as coming from servants of Christ who desire to partner with their ministering efforts for the Kingdom of God. 

 Do it while you are still alive here on earth!

David Sloane

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