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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Skip Heitzig In The Net News

I have an old friend that I respect who thinks Skip Heitzig is the greatest Bible Teacher.

He most likely never heard about some of the dark side of the man.

What are the other charges?

Some of the charges include:
  • Heitzig took a $300,000 severance check from his hand-picked board (considered self-dealing).
  • Heitzig took equipment for the radio station, a laptop and a couple of cars worth a total of about $166,000 as severance. 
  • (Usually somebody gets severance when they are let go, not when they quit). (Again considered self-dealing).
  • Skip tried to take the radio station away from CA and put it into his own hands at the same time that the radio station was being used for security of loans at CA.
  • Skip fired people from the board who were not in agreement with Skip's actions (Greg Zanetti).
  • The CA board was made up of people who did not attend CA. Some of them are CC pastors in other churches (again an ethical violation in most denominations).
  • Most of the CA board was made up of people who don't even live in New Mexico including Franklin Graham, Raul Ries, Greg Laurie and Paul Saber.
  • The absentee board members showed more loyalty to Skip as an individual than they did to CA. They had a fiducial duty to watch out for CA.
  • Heitzig's daily half-hour radio program, "Connection Ministries" cost the church nearly $7 million between 1994 and 2004.
  • CA had about $7 million in debt when Heitzig "left" for Ocean Hills in California, roughly equal to the losses from Connection Ministries.
  • Calvary leaders were unwilling to inform the congregation of their intentions or plans for the church's future.
  • Employees such as Chip Lusko were paid by CA but did work for Skip's "Connection".
List of the links
Here's a list of the links to the stories.

And now Skip Heitzig is involved in another dark hidden thing that is slowly coming into the light of day.

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