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Monday, March 21, 2016

Christ As Commodity Paywalled And Not For Free

Forget about trying to find any signs of the risen Christ. 

Something tells me Jesus of Nazareth doesn’t exactly like “doing lunch” with his classier counterpart Commercial Christ®.

 Despite the business books proclaiming Jesus as the perfect model for today’s corporate CEO, he doesn’t own the proper Armani suit or even a decent pair of shoes.

 For sure, he’d get shown the door for blowing his stack at the shareholders one time too many and probably end up in jail for giving away all the company’s assets.

 On his blog, author Kester Brewin asked a number of writers to respond to this question: “What are the ‘grand challenges’ for theology for the 21st century?”

 I answered: 

“The challenge is finding ways to communicate theological change without becoming yet another crass Christian marketing machine.”

 Rob VanAlkemade, director of the documentary What Would Jesus Buy? often gets asked, “Isn’t it hypocritical to ask people to pay money to see a film promoting anti-consumerism?”

 He responds, “No, but it is ironic.”


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