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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Good Old Boy NASA (Never Any Simple Answers) Launch Control Software Late, Millions Over Budget...Why?!

The launch control software NASA is writing from scratch for its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket is way behind schedule and way over budget.  

According to ABC News, "Development of this new launch control software is now projected to exceed $207 million, 77 percent above 2012 projections. 

The software won't be ready until fall 2017, instead of this summer as planned, and important capabilities like automatic failure detection, are being deferred, the audit noted.

  The system is vital, needed to control pumps, motors, valves and other ground equipment during countdowns and launches, and to monitor data before and during liftoff. 

 NASA decided to write its own computer code to "glue together" existing software products a decade ago -- while space shuttles still were flying and commercial shippers had yet to service the space station.

 Both delivery companies, SpaceX and Orbital ATK, rely on commercial software, the audit noted."

In other words, even though NASA could have simply purchased already available software that other launch companies were using successfully, the agency decided to write its own.

 And that decision really didn't come before the arrival of these commercial companies, because when it was made a decade ago that was exactly the time that SpaceX was beginning to build its rocket. 

This is simply more proof that Space Launch System is nothing more than a pork-laden waste of money designed not to explore space but to generate non-productive jobs in congressional districts and squander tax payer funds.

I always wondered how much the simulated moon landings and related cover ups must have cost?

“There are great ideas, undiscovered breakthroughs
available, to those who can remove one of truth’s protective layers.”

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