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Friday, March 25, 2016

Day Fourteen Of The Illegal Trial Of Jesus Christ The Son Of God

Day Fourteen

The Illegal Trial Of Jesus Christ

No Death Trial Concluded On Same Day


People's Court

Shekinah Fellowship

Room 101

Ms Suzy, Jurist in this court room:

"A criminal case, where a death sentence is to be pronounced, cannot be concluded before the following day."

It was, therefore, unlawful for the Sanhedrin to have concluded the trial of Jesus, resulting in the imposition of the penalty of death, in a single day.

 Long before the ministry of the Christ, the Hebrew jurists concluded that an acquittal of the accused may be accomplished within one day, but not in the event of a conviction.

 It was regarded as a serious matter to be called upon, in a judicial proceeding, to take human life.


 It was thought best to give more time for sober reflection and prayer before imposing such a verdict in a capital trial.

The Jewish law-writers, with full sanction and approval of the Jewish society, clung to the notion that at least two days should be consumed in the trial of such cases; that the judges should have a good night's rest, and have more time for a full review of the evidence, on the following day.

From the best available sources- Matthew, Mark and Luke- it has been definitely established that the so-called "trials" of Jesus- both the Hebrew and Roman- were concluded on the same day; and embracing a period of about seven hours!

 The first was held between one and two o'clock A.M, Friday, April 7th, and the second just about daybreak on the same fateful Friday morning!

 This is just another illustration of their deliberately ignoring their own laws.

Sound familiar?

In every other case, the judges would retire to their homes, after the first day of trial, and engage in prayer for Heavenly guidance, that they might not commit error while dealing with the life of a human being.

 Then, after serious consideration, and long searching for the possibility of mistake in judgement, they would reassemble in the halls of the Sanhedrin, and review all that had transpired on the previous day.

 It was a grievous and unforgivable offense against one's conscience as well as the good of the Jewish society for an error to be made.

 And they were ever cautioned, by their oath of office, to be diligent in safeguarding the paramount rights of the accused.

They felt honor-bound to do no less!

But, with Jesus, it was to be different.

The air of solemnity and sacredness was missing.

 The high honor due the judicial robes was overlooked.

 Instead of permitting their legal minds to ponder human rights, and human justice, and impartiality, in the discharge of their sacred duty, they could see only a "Culprit" who had dared overturn the tables of the money-changers in the Temple; and Who had repudiated their religion which taught that there was no such thing as the resurrection, by calling Lazarus back to life!

Little did they care, then, that, through the ages, millions would, after the passage of thousands of years, still discern the echo of their treachery!

But, let us note this significant fallacy:

Even if, during the "trials" of Jesus, the high priest and his cohorts had repaired to the quite of their homes, after the first day, they would have been prohibited by the same Jewish law from returning on the next- for that would have been the Sabbath!

They were willing, apparently, to break every existing Jewish statute, thus far, in the trials; but it would not do to vote the verdict of death on the Sabbath!

In attempting to pacify their insatiable demand for the life of Christ, they rushed the proceedings to a quick and tragic conclusion-typical of after-midnight, mob-violence!

When vile men have thoughts only of murder, born of hate and spite, they no longer entertain conceptions of justice, nor morals, nor law!

 Such were the hearts and minds of those disreputable Sanhedrinists who placed a blight and stain upon the name of "justice," and who supplanted corruption in the stead of impartiality!

 Their base deeds of treachery will ever be scorned and despised by honorable men and women, through the unfolding centuries, by the uncounted generations, yet unborn!

Indeed, so long as God, in His infinite wisdom, continues to give to mankind the ability to read the printed Word, as found in Holy Writ, they shall find there the sordid narration of inhuman brutality imposed upon the Christ-and each time they read those accounts, their hearts will boil in bitter resentment over what transpired before the Sanhedrin, Herod, and the "court" of Pontius Pilate!

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