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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Parody Satire Humor Just Plain Funny (:-) :-() So Don't Take It Too Serious

Describing the experience as “tragic,” local worship leader/prophet found his congregation totally unable to worship as the church’s primary fog machine malfunctioned right in the middle of the Sunday morning set. 

“We barely got through our new song.

It was a real train-wreck,” a visibly shaken worship leader/prophet told us while sipping a latte macchiato in the church cafe after service while wearing his latest outfit from Michael Jackson's tailor.

Just as the song, "Glory to the Lamb" reached its climax, a loud pop emanated from the 1600-watt machine positioned just in front of the Plexiglas pulpit.

The device sputtered to a halt and ceased pumping out 30,000 cubic feet of water-based fog per minute into the venue.

 Onlookers said it totally and instantly killed their personal worship experience.

“It was horrific,” one parishioner recalled.

“One moment I was caught up in the Spirit, worshiping the living God of all creation before His throne, and the next I was brought plummeting back down to earth.

 The mood was ruined.”

The church has ordered a full inspection of the remaining five fog machines as well as the laser light controllers as a preventative measure.

 “We’re not losing the Holy Spirit again, not on my watch anyway,” the worship leader/prophet declared.

 “We’re a strong group on a life journey together.

We’ll pick ourselves up and grow from this tragedy.”

At press time, the church is discussing a possible name change to help the flock move on.



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