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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Newly Installed High Pressure Over Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California to Bring Strong Wind

Fri. Mar 25, 2016

 A new area of high pressure is being installed over several Western States (ID, OR, NV, UT and CA.

 This is being done to separate the Westbound Jet Stream moisture flow off the Pacific from feeding an area of low pressure over Nebraska that is starting to become organized and spin counterclockwise.

 As a result, strong Santa Ana winds (from a NE to SW direction) are now forecasted because of the pressure gradient now being engineered by these transmitters.

This secondary area of high pressure may prevent the 'inside slider' low from slipping South into Southern CA by next Thursday but things could change at any time by the flick of a switch by these weather controllers.

A crude right angle front is visible in the East Pacific IR and Watervapor maps as three low pressure centers are congregated up in the Gulf of Alaska.

 It is this area of weather that is forecasted to be the 'inside slider' weather, but will be blocked for the time being until the developing low over Nebraska moves further East.

The broad area of high pressure parked off California and the West Coast is now in its 10th or 11th day and these two centers of high pressure have moved West slightly while a 'Gale' is still identified off San Francisco on the Sea Level Pressure Analysis map.

 Low pressure of 29.88" / 1012mb is currently indicated in the Foothills of Los Angeles which is a lower pressure reading than we've seen SINCE JANUARY 4th. On Jan 5th we had 2.43" of rain - and prior to that rain event, the surface high pressure had been deflated sufficiently to allow for weather to move in and generate precipitation.

Next Thursday, 'a chance of rain' is forecast according to the television news talking heads puppets who read from teleprompters.

We will watch what develops next.

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