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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Trial Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Son Of God Opening

The Illegal Trial Of Jesus Christ
Day One


People's Court

Shekinah Fellowship

Room 101

Legal Argument:

Jesus was tried and condemned to death for treason and blasphemy in direct and specific violation of the laws of His own time- both religious and civil.

Ms Suzy, Jurist in this court room, opening statement:

A close study will establish, beyond question of doubt, that Jesus of Nazareth was not given even the remotest semblance of a legal trial; but on the contrary, was made the victim of an unholy, mob-rule persecution which resulted in murdering their victim!

(Jurist walks back and forth slowly as she pauses before continuing to speak while putting the tips of her fingers together)

Many of us are familiar with some of the outstanding, famous trials of civilization, involving people of international prominence- or those who were placed into the international spotlight of fame because of the atrociousness of the crime with which they were charged. We immediately think of such personages as Socrates, Aron Burr, Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, Warren Hastings etc...

While some of us may not agree as to the justice of the ultimate results of some or all of those important trials, or the degree of punishment thereafter imposed, we must admit that, in each instance, they were all accorded the full benefit of the legal rules of orderly procedure, and the application of existing, beneficial laws of that day and time. None were denied the substantial rights guaranteed the accused. More-over...

(Jurist adjusts her glasses)

positive proof of guilt had to be first established by competent evidence from reliable witnesses. To have done less would have been to encourage a state of barbarity.

Nothing could possibly be more revolting to one's sense of justice than to behold any court denying the accused his well-defined rights, either through ignorance, prejudice or corruption!

It is well known that, according to many judicial decisions of a large number of the courts, quite a few individuals, entirely innocent of crime, have been convicted and sentenced to die, only to later learn that a serious error was committed- when it was too late to rectify the wrong done, And such a spectacle is always heart-rending and sad to contemplate.

Mob-rule is universally condemned as being uncivilized. Blood-thirsty, frenzied men have no sense of justice, as they carry forward their deeds of cowardice against helpless, pitiful victims!

But what about the "Trials" of Jesus?

From the viewpoint of this Jurist, now engaged in her thirty-second, consecutive year as an active practitioner in a great many of the criminal courts of this section of the net, I can say, without reservations, that, except for the trials of Jesus, there has never been, nor shall there ever be, in the annals of criminal jurisprudence, a more tragic and deliberate disregard for existing laws and rules of equitable procedure. Indeed, there was never a trial so filled with conspiracies, animosities and base corruption as the one which involved Him!

(Low murmur sounds through-out the court room, order is commanded)

Many years ago, after having unreservedly accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, I began an intensive study of the conditions which obtained in Judea, during the life of Jesus, with a view of trying to understand the motives which prompted the early Jewish religious groups, and the members of the Roman society, to maintain such an apparent hatred of the Christ. And now, having become familiar with the history of their back ground, character and teachings, I feel that others should have a truthful insight to those teachings in order that they, too, might better understand the cause for so much unrest which definitely permeated the Judean air when Jesus was placed on trial before the Sanhedrin, or ecclesiastical court, and also before Pontius Pilate, the Roman Governor.

Some may adopt the charitable view of lending excuse to the early Jewish leaders upon the premise that the treatment accorded Jesus was in keeping with the prophesies, and that it was His will that they be fulfilled. This, however, is something which God, alone, shall decide.

This much is unquestionably true: The inspired Word of God, set forth in the New Testament, relates how Jesus was subjected to two separate "trials." That He was condemned to die and later crucified upon a rugged cross on Calvary's hill.

There is raised this inquiry: Were the Jews without blame for this ordeal?

Certainly. according to the Gospel narratives, the Jews made a charge of Blasphemy in the first trial before the Sanhedrin, which was the Jewish court; and they later carried Him before Pilate, the Roman Governor, where they charged Him with sedition, and sought to prove it by their witnesses; that they, the Jews, undertook to have Pilate approve of their condemnation and sentence of death; and that they, the Jews, demanded that Jesus be crucified.

It may be added, however, that the final act of crucifying Jesus was done by the Romans. But, then, one may further inquire: Upon whom should the greater blame be charged, the Jews or the Romans?

When Jesus was before Pilate, and Pilate reminded the Master that he, Pilate, had power to order Him crucified, Jesus replied:

"Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above; therefore he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin."

There can be no doubt that Jesus was referring to none other than the high priest, Caiaphas, who held the loftiest position in the Jewish society. It was this same high priest who personally led Jesus and the mob to the court of the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate.

A careful study and analysis of all of the Jewish laws in existence when Jesus was tried brings one to the definite conclusion that the entire proceedings were no more than a mockery and a farce. Every protective law was ignored when dealing with Jesus. And there shall be pointed out, in this review of the progressive steps of the ordeal, from the time of the illegal arrest to the unlawful crucifixion, the many wrongs committed with deliberation, hatred and spleen by the brutal enemies of the Man of Galilee.

It is the hope of this jurist that many who shall hear of this story of His indescribable suffering and humiliations, will come to the full realization that, after all, the one and only hope remaining for a restless, war-ridden, sin-cursed humanity can be found in Him as their Redeemer and Savior.

This I believe with all my heart:

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
John 3:16

And I desire to add that this belief of mine has been the source of lasting consolations; bringing to me a rich experience, and countless blessings which were certainly undeserved.

Jesus measured the scope of His Supreme Sacrifice upon Calvary's Cross when He said:

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."
John, 15:13.

"He came unto His own, and His own received Him not."
John, 1:11.

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