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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How To Survive Bankruptcy Like A Pro. Become A Corporation Like The Big Boys Do. A virtual individual. Poof...your gone!

"We are inundated with warnings that social media is systematically stripping away our privacy. 

Have you ever looked for someone you used to know on line and could not find a trace of them? 

 Not even one mention of their name anywhere on the internet? 

Not even one picture of them to be found., never to be seen or found by anyone ever again...

They went from prominent individual to the diminished dark recesses of life.  

 Sometimes a lie or deception is the only road to truth or freedom.

Women who got caught up in the porn industry at a young age needed to vanish for their own protection. 

  Ex-gang members needed to vanish to escape retaliation for leaving the gang.

Witness protection people needed to vanish.

All of these people and others used ways to do this successfully, leaving not even a trace of themselves behind. 

Frank Ahearn, the so-called 'Dear Abby' of disappearing, is attempting to show folks how to use those same technologies to regain your privacy, even helping you go as far as faking your own death.

 Ahearn is a professional skip-tracer who has hunted down people like Monica Lewinsky.

 In an interview with Ahearn on Network World, he says 'One can legally disappear through the use of corporations and offshore corporations.

 The idea is to embrace technology and to become a virtual entity.

My favorite tip is that New Zealand is the place to land once you leap off the grid.

Not only is it far from most of the rest of the English speaking world, he says, but it also has great beaches.

People who lost everything in the last stock market crash went bankrupt and emerged as a new entity through being a corporation, which entitled them to have credit cards and banking privileges once again.

In essence, they 'worked' the system to their advantage.  (Book)

“It may shock you. It did me…. I couldn’t put this book down, finding out all of the ways anyone could get their hands on information about any of us. You’re more vulnerable than you may think.” - Tammy Chase, Chicago Sun-Times

From the Inside Flap

Frank M. Ahearn built his first career by finding people who didn’t want to be found—from philandering celebrities to a certain White House intern (Monica Lewinsky) before anybody had heard of her, as well as countless cheaters, frauds, and bad guys.
 Using the “skip tracer” techniques he developed in the process, Ahearn embarked on a second career counseling those who wanted not to be found.
 If you’ve ever fantasized about disappearing—literally dropping out of sight or just eliminating the traceable evidence of your existence—How to Disappear is your guide.
In a world-wise, straight-talking, wryly humorous narrative, Ahearn provides field-tested tips, tools, and techniques for maintaining privacy, as well as strategies for protecting personal information and preventing identity theft.
 You’ll learn key tactics such as misinformation (destroying all the data known about you), disinformation (creating fake trails), and reformation (getting where you want to be without leaving clues).
Throughout, Ahearn shares real-life stories of his fascinating career—from
nabbing adulterous celebrities to helping abuse  victims find safety.
An indispensable resource not just for those determined to be anonymous, but for almost anyone in the brave new world of online information, How to Disappear sums up Ahearn’s dual philosophy: 

Don’t break the law, but know how to protect yourself.

 Frank M. Ahearn offers numerous services in the privacy world. What he does is so unique; it can be difficult to define because each client presents a different issue that needs a singular and creative solution. 


 In fact, his value lies his ability to fabricate one-of-a-kind solutions to one-of-a-kind problems.

Mr. Ahearn works with individuals who need to learn how to disappear, fall off the radar or have extreme privacy needs.


 He is an expert at vanishing people, creating high-net-worth-privacy, travel privacy and foreign state privacy. 


Law firms and private asset companies worldwide utilize his unique disinformation and stratagem services.

For the past thirty years, he has been in a business that resembles a game of international hide and seek. 


Frank M. Ahearn is the author of three privacy books How to Disappear From Big Brother, The Digital Hit Man and The New York Times Best Seller, How to Disappear:


 Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, And Vanish Without A Trace.



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