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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonder If Robert Schuller Would Have Liked This Church Building?

One of Rio de Janeiro’s most visible attraction is the Rio de Janeiro Cathedral or the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio de Janeiro.

 This cone shaped building’s massive size and footprint at the heart of the city is impossible to miss.

It is 106 meters in diameter, and 96 meters tall. The concrete behemoth has little common with traditional architecture of churches. Rather, it appears like an ancient Mayan pyramid.

Didn't the Mayans practice human sacrifice?


No one knows who built this wonderful building or when it was built.

 Located off the beaten track, Wat Samphran is rarely mentioned in guide books and remains unmarked on maps. It’s not a big tourist attraction but many travellers who visited the temple spoke about its tranquil and spiritual atmosphere. Who designed it or when it was built is a mystery.

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