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Monday, March 28, 2016

Internet: University of Illinois Transmits Record 57Gbps Through Fiber Optic Lines, Ethics and Servants?

I pay Time Warner for 300 Mbps internet.

But the best I get from them is 53.1 Mbps as of this typing.

The above picture is a screen shot of my download speed currently even though I pay for faster speed I get capped at a lower tier.

I go through the routine of calling, I get a person who guides me through their useless script.

Then finally they acquiesce and connect me with a tech.

The tech makes me jump through the dog and pony show hoops once again, but I know in actuality he uncaps my connection at his end and my numbers scream beyond 300 Mbps after he does as such.

Then over a period of hours my connection is gradually dropped back to lower tier even though I am being charged for upper tier.

Then the routine takes place all over again of me having to call and complain when I get irritated enough to go through the hassle.

This is big corporations 2% game.

Studies have shown that only 2% of the populace will actually call and complain.

Knowing this big corporations pull a lot of shenanigans on the public for profit.

I know of a nation wide paint manufacturer who puts glitzy fancy labels on cans of paint and produces some of the most professional color charts in the industry.

Only one problem for the public, their paint is crap by design!

It will start to fail within 6 months or so.

When it does only 2% of the populace will ever call and complain.

When they do call the manufacturer has two painting contractors on staff who go out and repair the problems with "real-paint" that will perform like it should have in the first place.

The result is that the 2% are totally satisfied and think that they are dealing with a reputable company.

When in actuality they are not.

The cheap ingredients they use to produce their products will always fail.

The profit margin is hugh for them at the end of the year because of not using actual expensive quality ingredients in their paint.  

Ethics is so missing in our society these days.

The other day I took a friend out to lunch.

As we started to eat our meal the Holy Spirit high-lighted to me the fact that my friend had stealthily stolen my napkin out from under my silverware un-noticed by me as were waiting for our food to arrive.

The Holy Spirit later revealed to me why He had \highlighted/ this little no big deal thing to my attention.

After the meal was over my friend announced to me that he was learning to play the guitar so that he could eventually lead worship.

He asked me if I was interested in starting a Bible study with him at my home.

I got a check in my spirit by the Holy Spirit, my answer was to be no.

I was informed by the Holy Spirit that my friend was not mature enough spiritually to be involved in ministry because he still puts his own needs above those of others.

God revealed my friend's heart condition to me, currently he still watches out for number one, himself.

He was not ready to be a steward/minister of God's people

A minister is to be a servant to others, serving the Body of Christ.

I am not totally sure that I am.

Until my friend obtains an honest servants heart he will never be in ministry by God's standards nor will I or anyone else for that matter.

In Colossians chapter 1:23 we see a Greek word diakonos which simply means a servant.

Paul was indicating somebody who serves, a common servant. 

Apostle Paul says to the Corinthians in Chapter 4:1 "It is basic that when we are considered in ministry we should be considered as stewards and as servants."

 He uses the Greek word hyperetas which means an under row or third level galley slave.

In other words a bond slave of Jesus Christ. Looking back at 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 Paul discussed the fact that he and Apollos and anybody else were simply servants and nothing more. Paul begins many of his writings with, "Paul, the servant of Jesus Christ."

In reading 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians Paul firmly reiterates the servant mentality of the minister.  

You get the feeling that the deeper the selflessness of the servant, the greater the potential for his ministry. 

They go in proportion to one another.

Ministry is service.

But we are not always willing to pay this price.

Our society has taken the word minister and elevated it, it really is a word of lowliness and humility.

Some ministers are not called by God.

Paul said, "I Paul, am made a minister."

God calls a man and makes him a minister, a true servant of others and to others.

Some men call themselves to ministry and are not servants at all.

They basically fleece the flock in all that they do, always taking from the sheep while becoming important and preeminent.

John the Baptist said in John 1:27, 
"He is the one who comes after me, the straps of whose sandals I am not worthy to untie."

He was a humble servant.

Jesus value system states:
  For the one being least among you all, he shall be great." Luke 9:48

Ministry is giving not taking.

It is serving, not being served.

Anyway here is the main news of this post before I digressed:

 Engineers at the University of Illinois have set a new record for fiber-optic data transmission, breaking previous theories that fiber optics have a limit in how much data they can carry. 

The engineers transmitted 57Gbps of error-free data at room temperature. 

The group, led by Professor Milton Feng, improved on its previous work in 2014, when it achieved 40Gbps. 

The keywords here are "error free," which is what makes this research unique from others that claim faster speeds.

 Fang said, "There is a lot of data out there, but if your data transmission is not fast enough, you cannot use data that's been collected; you cannot use upcoming technologies that use large data streams, like virtual reality. 

The direction toward fiber-optic communication is going to increase because there's a higher speed data rate, especially over distance."

Engadget writes in an update to a similar report:

"Reader Tanj notes that this is specifically a record for VCSEL (vertical cavity surface-emitting laser) fiber, not fiber as a whole."

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