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Friday, March 25, 2016

Intense Expectations

I uncovered and dusted off this very old teaching from 1977 that I had archived.

I will admit that I still have not completely grasped the full meaning of it all these years later, nor have I even understood what exactly it is that I am reading.

I once asked Lonnie Frisbee about this and his reply to me was, "Eat the meat and spit out the bones."

I think he meant for me to take away from it the good stuff that I do comprehend and leave behind the stuff that I don't understand.

(I would ask you, my two dear readers, to do the same.)

I am including a video that fits this category.

 Another thing that I don't even pretend to understand.

So know that even though I am sharing these things with you, I am in the same boat with you and am still trying hard to get a grasp of these things.

But in the interest of continuing to bring to the table teachings that very few pulpits bring forth in this day I present this to you...


 Update to above video:

 Doctrine of Dominion-ism is not the Gospel message:

The day of casual evangelism is over.

People will never believe what God is doing and saying in the earth today unless God first takes away the veil and brings release from the dullness that is on their hearts.

The demonic spirits that deceive and hold people in deception must be removed.

The bulk of Satan's activity is directed toward God's sincere people to keep them from breaking into a real walk with Him.

It is surprising how many sincere Christians think they are doing God a favor when they persecute those who really walk with him.

They hate those who become true disciples.

They hate the Word that God is bringing forth in the earth so much that they would actually rather die in their passivity than embrace that Word.

They would rather perish in their lukewarmness than to be jarred out of their indifference and into the intensity of spirit that possesses the Kingdom.

  Do not draw back from an intensity of spirit, for the release from deception upon the earth must first start within you.

Then you will be able to take dominion over the powers of darkness.

Jesus said that you must first bind the strong man, and then you can plunder his house (Matthew 12:29).

In order to loose people from the deception that is put upon them by Satan, you must start with your very own self.

Concerning this great deception of the end time, Jesus said that so many false prophets and false Christs would come, that if it were possible , they would deceive the very elect ( Matthew 24:24 ) .

That phrase, "if it were possible," indicate that it is not possible to deceive the elect; but think of all of the people who will be falling into this deception.

You must declare war on it in order to be free.

  Many times when there are problems in a church, the root is simply deception.

Even when the hearts of the people are motivated absolutely right before God, it is amazing to see how misunderstanding and division can come, how deception can enter in, bringing a wrong emphasis or a little distraction or distortion.

  As far as Satan is concerned, a wrong emphasis is as good as a lie.

His goal is to get you to deviate just a little bit.

A damnable lie right out of the pit is no more effective toward this than is a subtle deception.

Satan causes you to get your eyes on something that is nonessential, to be concerned over an unimportant matter, to become occupied with something that is less than the perfect will of God, or to be focused on something that God is not focusing on at the moment.

You must know what God wants and where the focus and the emphasis are to be placed.

You must touch God and walk exactly with Him.

Rebuke the deceptive spirits, anything that would work distraction in you to prevent the perfect will of God from coming forth in your life.

Loose yourself from everything that could be a wrong emphasis in your spirit or in your mind.

Be wholly set upon the Lord.

  The psalms of David are examples, showing us where our focus should be.

David could have been occupied with many things as far as the emphasis of his life was concerned.

He had troubles and problems but he had a fixed focus: "My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed" ( Psalm 57:7 ) .

We must be like David.

We must rebuke anything that would take away from our absolute focus, from the perfect flow and communion with the Lord Jesus.

Psalm 119:10 says, With my whole heart have I sought thee; oh let me not wander from thy commandments. We must worship the Lord with a total heart.

  There is always a tendency to confuse faith with hope.

Often hope amounts to nothing more than a wish in our hearts that something will happen.

But when the book of Romans speaks of hope, it refers to Abraham, who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations ( Romans 4:18 ) .

This kind of hope is not just wishful thinking about the future; it is an earnest expectation.

It is the kind of hope that adjusts the tense from the future for us in the present and brings the things of God into focus for us in our present.

There must be an intensity in our hearts to lay hold of the things of the Lord.

The term "earnest expectation" helps define this intensity.

We must be earnestly expecting.

  In Romans 8:19 we read, For the anxious longing ( the King James Version calls it "earnest expectation ) of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God.

It is important for God's people to know that they have friends out there in the world of futility who are waiting for them to come forth as mature sons.

Satan comes against them, but God is the one who is bringing them to son-ship; and in a very realistic way, creation itself is on the sidelines, earnestly expecting the sons to come forth because they are the key to its deliverance.

This will be the first time in all the ages that there will be such a boost coming from a fallen agency.

In the fall, creation itself was subjected to futility, not willingly, but with a hope and expectation that deliverance from corruption would come ( Romans 8:20-21 ).

Through satanic pressures, we may feel that we are all alone and that everything is closing in on us, but that is not true.

We are not alone.

This is a time of destiny, and every aspect of creation is waiting with intensity for the revealing of the sons of God.

  Creation is feeling its futility more than ever.

The cockiness is gone out of the world.

There is an anxiety within people and a fearful expectation of the events that are coming to pass.

This is true in the financial world.

Economists who are perceptive expect the next recession to be devastating, and they know there is nothing they can do to stop it.

They do not know which way to go.

It is a fearful experience to see a whole age die; but one order has to end and a new one has to spring forth.

The sons of God have to bring it into being.

To the people of God this should not be fearful, but hopeful.

They will see the collapse of the establishment prior to their taking over in the Kingdom.

  If we accurately predict the economic collapse, then we could accurately predict when the Kingdom is going to take over in such areas.

Canaan was left with all the Canaanites and giants in it until the Israelite's became strong enough to possess it, so that there would not be a vacuum with the wild beasts multiplying against them (Deuteronomy 7:22 ) .

Likewise, we are to thrust out the Canaanites as we go in and possess the land.

It is ours.

We have to grow in strong in faith and expectation to possess it.

As we press in, we will push everything else out.

  People will be very nervous when they see the old systems begin to come down, but they will be ready for it.

God is making them ready, and the sons of God are in expectation.

Do not expect chaos in any great measure.

Instead, expect that the sons of God will take over rapidly.

No sooner will they get the old tenants out than they themselves will move in.

God's people are not entering in to become victims themselves of a collapsing system because they cannot get into the new.

For a little period it will be very difficult.

They will have to learn how to survive, how to care for each other, and how to be a prophetic community.

  When you pray, expect something specific to happen; otherwise your prayers will become very vague.

Zero in on specific areas that have to come down so that God's people can move into their inheritance.

Pray for the destruction of those who are the channels of Satan that come against God's servants.

You must realize the full significance of this.

Those satanic forces are nephilim spirits, such as we read about in Scriptures, who are standing in the way and preventing the sons of God from possessing their inheritance.

  God is very unhappy with such channels.

According to Genesis 6, the nephilim were people who were created with a satanic nature.

Whether or not they yielded to it is not the issue.

Some people claim that the nephilim were spirits that found their way in from a world which existed before creation.

Some claim that they were demons.

Ancient mythology is based on the fact that there were demon spirits.

These spirits so infected the human race and made the people so wicked that God had to destroy them ( Genesis 6:5-7 ).

It was not a matter of merely bringing corrective judgments; the whole system had to be destroyed.

  If the nephilim spirits corrupt something, it has to come down.

That is why we have to pray for God to release governments from the nephilim spirits that are in high places.

We also have to pray for the release of the religious world.

One of Satan's greatest deceptions is the transforming of his ministers to appear as ministers of righteousness.

He transforms himself to appear as an angel of light, in order to bring deception ( II Corinthians 11:14-15 ).

  After God destroyed the world in the days of Noah, there is no mention of the nephilim in the land again until the days of Joshua.

Numbers 13:33 refers to the Anakim, the sons of Anak, saying that they were the nephilim.

They were set right there in Canaan.

God knew, and Satan knew too, the destiny of the land of Canaan.

God had promised it to Abraham; therefore Satan immediately brought in his sons to possess it.

It was more than an Ishmael possession of the land; it was a satanic breed of spirit designed to move in and possess what God's people were chosen to possess.

The Anakim were the ones who made the hearts of the Israelites like water, so that they were fearful and turned back and died.

In their hearts they did not question the fact that the land was theirs, but they backed off from the nephilim, from the giants.

 Those giants in the days of Joshua were of the same breed as the nephilim mentioned in Ephesisans in Genesis 6.

An unusual heredity comes forth when Satan is trying to produce that which will take world control.

Satan is God's ape; he tries to imitate what God is doing.

God is bringing forth a superior creation, His Kingdom of priests that will rule and reign ( Revelation 5:10 ).

Through them He will manifest His wisdom to bring down principalities and powers (Ephesians 3:10).

  What must happen in order for God to manifest His wisdom through the Church?

It has to be pure.

The Church has to prevail over any nephilim spirit that assaults it.

Satan will do everything he can to protect and preserve a human being that has become a channel of the nephilim rank.

The end-time Body of Christ may wander around and grow stronger in spiritual warfare, but their faith still must come to the maturity which enables them to enter into the judgments of God.

They will not go any further until they do.

Do not back off from entering into this.

This is the battle of the ages, and Satan himself is coming against God's people.

Satan's spirit, through his channels , seizes upon anything it can and blows it all out of proportion.

The least little contact that you have with a channel of Satan can leave you shattered and render you ineffective.

Such instruments of Satan do everything they can to create the slowdown so that Satan's timetable can be fulfilled.

Therefore, God has to cut these days short ( Matthew 24:22 ).

We have to be in earnest expectation.

We must have a groaning within our spirits for the Kingdom to come forth.

  There cannot be a Kingdom until the sons of God come forth to rule it.

Therefore, we must enter into these days, determined to see the Parousia, Christ's presence manifested among His people.

We must be determined to see the manifestation of the sons of God, to see phases of the first resurrection begin to spring forth, to see the tribulation and judgments in the earth as God begins to deal with nation after nation.

The non-Christian nations will be shaken unbelievably, and in a unique way God will shake the Christian nations also.

He intends to deal with the lukewarm, deceptive passivity in Christians.

Those who sleep as the foolish virgins did will miss the Kingdom completely ( Matthew 25:1-13 ).

At the least they will miss the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The only way that Christians will experience the highlights which are outlined in the Scriptures is by pressing into God with all of their hearts.

They cannot stop.

Every reference in the New Testament to the coming of the Lord stresses the fact that believers must watch ( Matthew 24:42 ).

They must keep their hearts from being overcharged with surfeiting or drunkenness or the cares of living, for the day of the Lord will come as a snare upon the whole world! ( Luke 21:34-35 ).

Do not be asleep, but watch and be sober.

They that sleep sleep in the night; but we are not children of the night ( I Thessalonians 5:5-8 ).

The whole of the new Testament urges us to press in.

  This is a realistic, panorama view of what is taking place in this generation.

The emphasis of spiritual warfare is on the nephilim spirit because this is causing the impasse.

Where is the nephilim spirit found?

It can come wherever there is persistent unbelief, wherever there is rebellion and withdrawal in a human being.

We can open ourselves up to such a spirit.

It is the spirit of Judas, who was called the son of perdition.

He entered into this same kind of possession that we must fight against.

Christ said He did not lose any except that one son of perdition, Judas. ( John 17:12 ).

Of course, this was prophesied ahead of time in the Old Testament ( Psalm 41:9 ).

What a terrible judgment fell upon Judas!

  We must realize, though, that Judas was not aware of what he was doing.

He was caught in that spirit.

Satan entered his heart.

Nephilim channels are not cases of demon possession as such, where demons persist within an individual; rather, by virtue of unbelief and rebellion, the perfect channel is created which Satan himself can enter and possess at will.

It was right at the Lord's table, after Jesus declared that one of His disciples would betray Him, that Satan entered Judas' heart.

Then he went out and it was night ( John 13:26-30 ).

 It was truly night.

It was the end for Judas.

He had consulted with the chief priests and betrayed Christ; but afterwards when he realized what he had done, he took the money which he had received and threw it down on the floor of the Temple, crying, "I have betrayed innocent blood!" ( Matthew 27:3-5 ).

This shows that he did not realize what he was doing.

Because Satan could possess him, he never did really understand the viciousness and the deadliness of what he was doing against the Lord Jesus Christ.

We must face this truth in our hearts.

What a warning this is for us?

Be careful that you do not yield to a Judas spirit, because great battles come against those who have walked with God and then backed off.

Satan grabs on to them.

Problems come when people who start to walk with God decide that they do not want to pay the price.

They come close to it, but when they get the revelation of the requirements  of the Kingdom and of the divine order for the Church, they back off.

Do not back off; press in with all your heart. It is dangerous to have light and not walk in it.

  In this end time, we will have to deal with the demonic spirits and break them or we will never move into the various areas that God wants His people to rule.

The enemy will come against us one way, but as we pursue him he will flee seven ways ( Deuteronomy 28:7 ).

Our battle is not against the flesh and blood; it is against principalities and powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places ( Ephesians 6:12 ).

This is what we must wrestle against.

We are not contending with human beings in this hour; we are contending with Satan, as he comes through human channels who have yielded to a certain state in their lives which allow him to come and go and to use them at will.

  Nothing is more deceptive or deadly than contact with the nephilim spirit of Satan.

No matter how sincere a believer is, it can deceive him until he does not walk in what God has for him, but he draws back just a little.

It takes the keen edge from his earnest expectation and causes him to flinch.

The believer's position has to be aggressive with faith.

He must be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord ( I Corinthians 15:58 ) .

As soon as he loses that, he falls back under the deep dealings of the Lord.

  According to Romans 8:19-22, creation is waiting for this time.

For the anxious longing of the creation waits eagerly for the revealing of the sons of God. For the creation was subjected to futility, not of its own will, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself also will be set free free from its slavery ( or bondage ) to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

Creation cannot be loosed, no matter how eagerly it is expecting it, until the sons of God are loosed.

They have to be free.

For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now.

 The world is not ready to end.

The world is just beginning.

The new heavens and the new earth must come forth.

Nothing in this creation is what God wanted.

There is futility on it.

Wild beasts prey upon and eat one another.

Some attack humans.

Their nature is ferocious and fierce, but God can change that nature.

God can change the nature of people, too.

We have come to the day when there will be deliverance in spiritual Mount Zion and in the remnant whom the Lord God has called.

Because of His remnant's effectiveness, whoever calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved ( Joel 2:32 ).

  All creation is groaning.

And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body.
Romans 8:23

Notice that eagerness again.

That anxious longing, that earnest expectation must be the drive behind our prayers and our prophetic proclamations.

We cannot remain in the old religious picture anymore; we must move into the expression which is a part of the sons of God coming forth.

We cannot expect it to be any other way.

It must be an earnest expectation, a groaning within ourselves, an eager travailing for the sons.

No longer can we have a passive hope; instead we must reach in to see the sons come forth.

By the victory of Christ we must possess His victory until it becomes real in us, until the impasses within us are broken so that we can move in.

All creation has to wait for the revealing of the sons of God before it can be delivered.

  We cannot set a time limit on our perseverance, saying, "We will have to break through the impasses this week or we will be discouraged."

We must persevere until the work is done.

What if we are one hundred years wrong in our calculations?

Then one hundred years from now we must still be pressing in.

However, we are not one hundred years away from breaking through; this is the time and the season for it.

Release is working already, more than Satan allows us to be aware of.

We are not aware of how deep into the Parousia we already are, how far into the Kingdom we are.

  The breakthrough into the redemption of our bodies, our adoption as sons, is what we are eagerly waiting for.

Right within our very beings, within our own bodies, is where futility is working.

How the enemy would like to pounce on us and hook us up with any number of infirmities which, if we accepted them, would cripple us  or even destroy us!

However, the Lord will bless us and increase our capacity to do His will.

More and more, we will become aware of health and strength.

We do not realize how much immunity God has already given His people in these days.

  Satan is out for blood.

He is out to destroy the sons of God who come to birth.

He is the snapping dragon of Revelation 12 who waits at the womb of the woman ( the Church ) as she brings forth the manchild, a company of sons that is to rule and reign.

He tries to catch the manchild from the day that it is born.

God's people do not enter into travail without having the old dragon snapping at them.

He is ready to destroy them, but immediately upon birth the sons will be caught up to a place of rule.

This is what Satan fears.

For the first time, the sons of God will come with authority to liberate all of creation and to remove Satan from the place that he has usurped.

His power is going to be broken.

  We are waiting for that redemption of our bodies.

For in hope we have been saved, but hope that is seen is not hope for why does one also hope for what he sees?

This usage of "hope" is defined in the next verse.

But if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it.
Romans 8:24-25.

This hope is not wishful thinking for the future; instead, it sees a divine provision that God has made and says, "With earnest perseverance, I am expecting it to happen! It is my earnest expectation!"

This is the hope that lives in the present.

This is what faith is all about.

 Earnestly cry with perseverance and with this intense proclamation: "Thy Kingdom come, O Lord! Thy Kingdom come!"

Be ready to be delivered from all the powers of darkness and from all subjection to futility.

Be eagerly expecting with earnest anticipation.

Let earnest expectation be your way of life, until all the kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, until He rules and every enemy is made a footstool of His feet.

From the pulpit of JRS who is no longer on this earth.

'The Walk'
Given 1977 at Grace Chapel
Southgate, Los Angeles, CA

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